After several years of avoiding estate planning we finally decided we couldn’t afford to put it off any longer — but where to begin? We wanted to find a local partner and recognized expert in the field, someone who could help us sort out a somewhat complex estate and prepare us for the future.

Following some initial research on Hodgkins Law, we held our initial meeting with Megan and realized right away that she, and her team, would be able to address all of our estate planning needs. Megan was able to quickly grasp our situation and requirements and point us in the right direction, i.e., crafting a solution that would work for our somewhat complicated situation both now and over time. After an asset review meeting and collection of info/documents we were well on our way to having an appropriate trust established, a process that has just now been completed. In less than two months we went from being in “estate planning limbo” to having a concrete vehicle and plan so that we can properly manage future disposal of our estate.

Our entire experience was extremely positive. We benefited from Megan’s deep understanding of estate law and her friendly, easy-going way of answering technical questions in an understandable way. She and her staff operate very efficiently, so that info collection, scheduling, follow-up communications, document signing, etc., were all timely and painless.

In short, we recommended Hodgkins Law very highly if you are seeking clear, comprehensive and timely estate planning.

– Erik & Milena B.

Working with Megan and her staff was a pleasure. We needed to update our wills and, after speaking with Megan in an initial consultation, decided that a Living Trust and Will combination would best serve our needs. We found Megan to be extremely knowledgeable. We had tons of questions and she always had the answers readily at hand. Using the Hodgkins Law guided process, we could easily focus on the decisions most pertinent to our situation. We left feeling we have a solid plan for managing our affairs for now and when we are gone, and, we are armed with the tools we need to manage our trust as needed.

– Lance Kathleen W.

I learned a lot along the way and I am so pleased to have had the necessary help from Megan who explained everything in a totally understandable manor. This was a necessary step for me to complete and I am so happy that it is done, and done correctly. Thanks so very much.

– Cynthia R.

Very professional, personable, and efficient. Looking forward to a long professional relationship! My wife and children will also be thankful for your efforts.

– Craig A. Hawkins, MD

Thank you for your understanding and professionalism. While it took us awhile to get to the ultimate ending, we were grateful for your clarity, knowledge and patience. The whole experience, the staff and Megan’s ability to make the confusing clear, made for a comforting, secure experience.

– Everett & Linda Johnson

Professional, educational, calm, enjoyable, open, straight forward, patient, clear replies to our questions, options provided, this estate planning experience was better then we thought it would be. The Hodgkins team are what they say they are, we believe you will be as happy with the results as we are.

– Estate Planning Clients

The whole process was handled very competently. Our questions were answered in a clear and understandable way. Each staff member was professional and courteous. Documents were expertly prepared. We would highly recommend Hodgkins Law.

– John & Laura Dorrer

Since our retirement to Maine some four years ago we’ve been procrastinating on an updated estate plan. I think of this much as a visit to the dentist… a necessary but horribly unpleasant exercise. I say that with some experience having experimented with a wide variety of planning gimmicks in the past, including a QPRT, living trusts, a life insurance trust, a charitable remainder trust, key man life insurance, an incorporated vacation home and a family foundation. Not to be sardonic, sometimes it feels that the chief beneficiaries of all this activity are the legal beagles. Our experience with Hodgkins Law proved to be wholly different. Their fee structure was pre-haggled, fixed and entirely transparent. Their work process was fully explained in advance., and all our concerns were comprehensively addressed, including death taxes, powers of attorney, health care directives, probate avoidance, divorce protection for our beneficiaries and so forth. But what really set Megan’s firm apart from all the other consultants we’ve worked with in the past is the fact that Hodgkins Law fully handles the tedious chore of trust funding. That was a godsend being as it is the chief reason most estate plans only partially realize their intended goals. This was one of the best legal choices we’ve ever made.

– Chuck & Shelby

We had been thinking about an estate plan for a long while and never quite knew how to go about it. We attended a free Estate Planning seminar hosted by Hodgkins Law several months ago, which put the wheels in motion. We met with Attorney Hodgkins, who explained the process thoroughly, answered all of our questions, and we were confident that Attorney Hodgkins understood what we wanted to accomplish. The entire process was completed in less than 2 months, and we now have the peace of mind that our wishes will be honored. Also, the office is very clean and comfortable, and the staff (Suzy and Liz) were very friendly and helpful.

– Claire & Mike

This experience was fabulous! Megan and her staff were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. It was so great to actually put together our financial profile so we both know where everything is and its value. We have already started to tell all our friends that if they need to update their wills, Hodgkins Law is the only and best place to go. Megan also showed us how to protect ourselves, our children, and their children from a whole array of problems that could thwart our wishes when it comes to settling our estate. We couldn’t be happier with Hodgkins Law. For all the work and knowledge that went into this, the price was unbelievably reasonable if not downright a total bargain!

– SH

Megan and her staff were both professional and friendly. They took the time to guide us through each step in the estate planning process. We would definitely recommend Hodgkins Law to anyone wishing to create their own estate plan.

– Ronald & Marjory Himmer

Megan Hodgkins answered all of our questions in a complete and easy to understand fashion. The process from start to end was quicker than expected and very efficient and thorough. Everyone we had contact with was professional, pleasant, and made you feel at home. We highly recommend this firm to anyone establishing Trusts.

– CL & CPL

The seminar was both a basic and easily understood description of revocable trusts and indication of the capability of addressing the nuances of individual situations. Although due to my own prior state of relative disorganization, the exercise of collecting relevant information was based on a reasonable set of items and in itself was helpful. The construction of trust documents and review of these was excellent. I suppose someone else will have to comment on how successfully it all worked out when I’m not around, but I’m confident that they too will be appreciative.

– FS

I’m writing to tell you how immensely pleased and impressed I’ve been to watch you and your team in action. You took in stride the complex, time-sensitive project I brought you a few weeks ago, and quickly and efficiently turned it into a highly professional estate planning portfolio. I look forward to working with you as we move into the implementation phase.

– Barry H

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