When it is time to begin thinking about estate planning, many people feel apprehensive, uncertain, and overwhelmed by the different decisions they have to make. We want to guide you through this process and help you overcome those emotions. Hodgkins Law focuses exclusively on estate planning and elder law, covering areas such as trust creation, trust administration, asset protection planning, MaineCare long-term care planning, pet care planning, special needs planning, incapacity planning, and more. We dedicate all our time and resources to helping clients protect their assets and plan for their family’s futures.

We Provide Unique, Custom Solutions

Having an experienced Maine estate planning attorney on your side when creating an estate plan can make an enormous difference. At Hodgkins Law, we offer estate planning services that remove confusion, answer questions, and provide peace of mind. We’re unique because we provide individualized attention and create a custom tailored plan that’s exclusively for you. Your estate plan isn’t a “cookie-cutter” solution. We work hard with each and every one of our clients to deliver a comprehensive estate plan, created specifically according to their needs.

We Create Comprehensive Plans

We pride ourselves on our exceptional plan design. Having a carefully drafted estate plan in place can help ease the burden on you and your loved ones during a difficult time in your family’s lives.  This is not a time to cut corners, and we want to help you and your family through this process, ensuring that you understand each and every aspect of your customized estate plan. We focus exclusively on estate planning and elder law, and we have the experience, processes, and resources in place to create complex estate plans. We also take our service a step further to make sure your family understands the complexities of your estate plan: we create a personalized video clearly explaining each client’s estate plan.

We Educate Along the Way

Education is a very important part of the estate planning process at Hodgkins Law. We offer free educational seminars on estate planning to spread awareness about the many complex topics related to planning your estate. We want you to understand what will happen to your assets and know the best ways to protect them. Our transparent, flat-fee pricing structure is centered around creating a client experience free of any surprises and additional worry. We want you to know what you can expect, what you’re agreeing to, and what you’ll receive when you decide to work with Hodgkins Law to create your estate plan.

We’re Here from Start to Finish

We care deeply about creating long-term relationships with our clients. Megan Hodgkins is the founding member of Hodgkins Law, and is a highly experienced and dedicated estate planning attorney. As the owner of the only American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA) accredited law firm in the state of Maine, she is required to continuously improve her estate planning knowledge to maintain this advanced status. Because of her level of experience and the many years of estate planning still ahead of her, Attorney Hodgkins is able to offer clients the security of knowing that she will be able to execute the estate plans she helped them create. Issues are less likely to arise when you ask Hodgkins Law to create your estate plan because our team will be able to oversee the entire process from creation to execution.

Services We Provide

Hodgkins Law provides the following high-quality estate planning services for those in Brunswick, Bath, Wiscasset, Woolwich, Topsham, Freeport, Durham, Yarmouth, Falmouth and Portland, Southern Maine, Mid-Coast Maine, Cumberland County and other locations in Maine:

  • Basic to Complex Estate Planning Services – From simple will to complex estate plans, Hodgkins Law has the knowledge and skills to get things done the right way. We provide expertise in areas like trusts, trust administration, revocable living trusts, asset protection, business planning, and more. Megan Hodgkins is a warm, relatable attorney who comprehensively answer all questions and compassionately walk clients through the process of estate planning.
  • Estate Planning for Families – Most young families believe estate planning is something they will not need to think about for many years to come. This is just not the case. Raising children is a huge endeavor, and parents will want to make sure someone they trust will take over guardianship in the event of a tragedy. The children must be financially and emotionally protected, and a comprehensive estate plan will accomplish this goal.
  • Family-Owned Farms and Businesses Succession Planning – Family-owned businesses and farms are often passed down from one generation to the next, which causes planning for the future to be particularly challenging. Having a solid estate plan in place is crucial for those children and grandchildren who will eventually work the land or take the company in a new direction.
  • Incapacity Planning – One of the smartest choices an individual can make is the choice to plan for an incapacity. Nobody wants to think they could one day become unable to make decisions regarding their financial affairs or health concerns, but it does happen – often when it is least expected. Those who want to protect themselves, as well as their loved ones, must consider incapacity planning.
  • MaineCare and Long-Term Care Planning – Roughly half of all Americans over the age of 65 will require some level of long-term care. Nursing home costs can be astronomical, so handling the aging process must include plans for the eventuality of long-term care.
  • Special Needs Planning – When there is a family member with a disability, it is particularly important to ensure that person is taken care of in the event of a death or disability of the parent or guardian. The peace of mind that comes with knowing a loved one with special needs will be well-cared for in any event is truly extraordinary.
  • Pet Planning – Because our animals are also our friends and beloved companions, it is extremely important to provide for them in the event of incapacity or death. To ensure these pets are not sent to a shelter (where there is a significant risk of euthanasia), pet planning is an essential part of estate planning.

Hodgkins Law only handles estate planning, allowing us to develop clear-cut, systematic processes to handle unique aspects of estate planning, such as MaineCare pre-planning and qualification.

Why Clients Contact Us

Perhaps of equal importance to our high level of experience and knowledge in estate planning is the warm, welcoming, and trustworthy environment we strive to create. We understand the emotions involved in estate planning, and we seek to provide you with peace of mind. For the very best in estate planning services, contact Hodgkins Law today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about your Maine estate plan.

If you are interested in attending one of our free upcoming seminars, please feel free to call us at 207-358-3270 or register online.

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